Optimize Your Product Image to Get More Sells Online

Product Image and Product Image Optimization

Product image is a still image taken by camera so the digital/visual version of the physical product can be shown online or eCommerce for sell. And product image optimization is the procedure to make that product image optimized, mean, polish for more sparkle look and to make web friendly.

product image optimization service

Process of Product Image Optimization

Product image optimization comes first by taking a good still image of that product. Mind it, if you don’t have a good product image the other process could be tough and the final optimized image looks worse, all the time. So, it is important to take good product image. You can also take the product photo by your smartphone. Read this article on  Smartphone Photography- How to Take Professional Product Photos by Smartphone.
After taking product photo, we can remove the background from the main object/product. Then we will see the change, the main object will be focusing, not entire photo with unnecessary background.
Then we can lighten up the product photo a bit. Also, if we see the main product and the image has a color difference, we can also make the image similar doing the image color correction.
Than we can crop or resize the product image to show only main part of the photo, obviously with a 10% or 15% blank white area around the product. The size will depend on the platform we sell our product. Or we can keep the image with same resolution.

Finally, if we generally doing all this thing to optimize our product image only for web, we can save for web. So the image size/weight will reduce a little bit. That will help to load the webpage faster.

Basically, this is the process to optimize a product photo. You can ask anything contacting us

Or ask us doing your product optimization work.
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